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Beyond Compare 3 download

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Beyond Compare is the ideal tool for comparing files and folders on your Windows operating system. It changes in your code and carefully reconcile them. Beyond Compare allows you to quickly and easily compare your data files and folders. You can then merge the changes, synchronize your files, and generate reports for your records. It's new merge view allows you to combine changes from two versions of a file into a single output. Beyond Compare's intuitive Folder Sync interface lets you reconcile differences in your data automatically.

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Beyond Compare 3 download!

Technical: Beyond Compare 3.3.8


Title: Beyond Compare 3.3.8
Filename: BCompare-
File size: 5.66MB (5,939,232 bytes)
Requirements: Windows (All Versions)
Languages: en-US
License: Shareware
Date added: June 20, 2013
Author: Scooter Software Inc
MD5 Checksum: F599FFB8A181EFCB14115E677E343DFA

Changelog: beyond compare 3.3.8


# Data Compare
- Updated parsing when pasting to work the same as an initial load for the purposes of delimiter type, quotes, leading/trailing whitespace, and consecutive delimiters.
- Fixed Find when the only matches are in hidden columns.
- Fixed tolerance support for localized decimal character.
# File Formats
- Fixed "Registry Dumps" file format so comments only begin at the start of a line.
# File Views
- Fixed gutter width when adding lines adds a digit to the line numbers.
- Fixed splitter moving after saving changes to an originally empty side.
# Folder Compare
- Double clicking in the space across from an orphan file now opens a file comparison view.
- Fixed background coloring so "Same" color is only used for "Same" items.
- Fixed "Flatten Folders" mode when sorting by path so it doesn’t reset to sorting by name after certain actions (e.g., Exclude).
- Fixed support for "Name Filter Preset" with name containing parentheses.
# Folder Sync
- Fixed Legend dialog.
- Fixed resizing the window very small and then larger to preserve the toolbar and panel layout.
- Added support for binary and rules-based content comparisons on FTP servers that don’t report file sizes.
# Hex Compare
- DEL character is now shown in the ASCII panel as ‘.’
# Linux
- Fixed "General" options page enabling of "Show keyboard shortcut in hints".
# Misc
- Fixed displaying workspace names containing ‘&’ characters.
- Fixed support for keyboard shortcuts using the semicolon.
- Fixed color combobox not invalidating when switching from an element set to "Default" to one set to "Black".
# Options
- Added registry value to disable check for updates for all users (Open HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Scooter Software\Beyond Compare and create a DWORD value named DisableCheckForUpdates with a value of 1).
- Fixed "Folder Display" options page’s "Factory Defaults" button to reset the Selection coloring’s "Use System" option.
- Fixed clearing "Shared sessions file" to update session treeviews.
# Picture Compare
- Fixed "Only Difference Layout" handling of "AutoZoom".
# Registry Compare
- Fixed support for modifying or deleting registry values with names containing "/" characters.
# Reports
- Fixed HTML report handling of leading and trailing whitespace.
- Fixed HTML report handling of two space characters that straddle a <span> tag.
- Fixed tab expansion in Text Compare reports.
- Fixed Folder Compare reports to not include FTP passwords and to use /title# command line arguments.
- Fixed HTML report handling of soft hyphens.
- Fixed filename collisions when saving multiple Picture Compare HTML reports to the same folder.
# Sessions
- Fixed manually selected file formats not to appear in the Session dialog’s File Format comboboxes twice.
# Text Edit
- Fixed using "Open Clipboard" in a view followed by "Open with Text Edit" using current clipboard instead of the pasted view’s data.
# Text Compare
- Fixed displaying replacements with leading ‘_’ characters in the Session Settings dialog.
- Fixed updating the splitter position after saving pasted text.
- Fixed "Next Difference" behavior when there are unimportant alignment gaps.
- Fixed crash on startup.
# Text Merge
- Fixed changing file format settings to prompt before regenerating the merge output.
- Fixed center pane not detecting some grammar elements.

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