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uTorrent 3 download

Description about uTorrent 3.4.2 build 37252 :uTorrent 3 download   3.4.2 build 37252   windows utorrent 3 download utorrent 3 Utorrent torrent


uTorrent (officially written like this: µTorrent and pronounced as microTorrent) is the most popular BitTorrent client of all BitTorrent clients around. The key to its success is its tiny size and low resource usage. Even though it is tiny, it is still packed with all the advanced features found in other BitTorrent clients.

The main uTorrent features are the following:

All the advanced features are included

uTorrent is only a few kilobytes in size and also uses only a very low amount of system resources. However, it has almost all the advanced features present in other BitTorrent clients. Advanced features such prioritizing bandwidth, download and upload scheduling, RSS auto-downloading and Mainline DHT support for trackerless torrents. uTorrent also supports BitTorrent Protocol Encryption which is compatible with all versions of Vuze (Azureus and up), and BitComet 0.63 and up, along with support for peer exchange as well.

uTorrent uses only a low amount of system resources

uTorrent is the only BitTorrent client that was developed to be as small as possible. The entire program is contained in one single executable for starters. uTorrent also requires very little system resources to run, a typical amount of memory needed is only around 6MB.

uTorrent supports skins and has a language pack

There are many different program icon, toolbar icons and status icons available for you to use instead of the standard graphics included. Download the language pack and uTorrent will automatically use the language your system uses. Both creating graphics and translating uTorrent is easy so those interested should check it out.

Very active development

A lot of time is spent improving uTorrent: adding new features, fixing bugs and security issues. There is no deadline for any new version, so the few bugs that come up are addressed almost immediately.

Transfer cap feature

The latest versions of uTorrent have a transfer cap settings feature. This feature is intented to make it easy for users who are restricted by ISP data caps. This new feature allows you to track your usage in megabytes, and includes a graph that visualization usage. uTorrent can be configured to stop download or uploading once you reach a particular limit.

uTP support

uTP is the most advanced BitTorrent communication method and has been developed by the uTorrent team. Support for this method is included in this uTorrent version. This is a new BitTorrent protocol that reduces traffic congestion which results in a win-win situation for ISPs and uTorrent users. Your web browsing experience will no longer be affected by slowness caused by uTorrent.

UDP tracker support

uTorrent supports trackers using an UDP tracker announce url. There is no gain for uTorrent users, but the tracker benefits as the workload is typically a lot smaller. The result is that the tracker can handle more users and is able to run faster.


uTorrent 3 download!

Technical: uTorrent 3.4.2 build 37252


Software version:

uTorrent 3.4.2 Build 37252



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(1,728,336 bytes)


Windows (All Versions)


Multiple languages



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December 15, 2014






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